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babies, babies, watch them grow... [entries|friends|calendar]
August 2004 Babies

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[27 Jun 2007|09:42pm]

How much outside time do you think is important for your kiddos to have? In the summer time, I worry about O not getting outside enough. I feel really guilty if he doesn't get at least a couple of hours a day outside or if I skip a day.
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It's his golden birthday [21 Jun 2007|12:53pm]

My oldest son is going to be 3 on Aug 3rd, so I really want to do something to make it special. We had planned on taking the boys to disney in sept to miss the crowds, but I'm having a baby that month, so we had to put those plans off until next year. So I'm wondering if any of you know of any great clowns, or rental places in Lansing? Or maybe just some good ideas to make his golden birthday special. I'm on bedrest right now, so I'm thinking we'll probably have to bring in some entertainment. Or, I've got plenty of time on my hands, any creative idea of things for me to make while I'm sitting 24/7? Thanks!

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[21 May 2007|05:06pm]


Sorry it ends so abruptly. I ran out of "tape."
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Morgan is a big sister! [22 Apr 2007|07:15am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

On Thursday, April 19th, we had a baby girl!
She weighs 4.68lbs and her name is Abigail. I keep forgetting to measure her length. Morgan is delighted with her and of course, we are thrilled.

PicturesCollapse )

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Tearjerker [02 Apr 2007|12:21pm]

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It's been forever... [24 Mar 2007|12:46pm]

Firstly, the zoo. I promised pics. I'd like to appologize before posting as I think my camera is on it's way out and I need a new one. I can't seem to get it to focus properly and the delay makes it very hard to get good pictures of toddlers running around...

Zoo Trip, March '07Collapse )

It's SPRING!!Collapse )

These next are some of my favorites...
Morgan and Alana Collapse )
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Pediatric Emergency Rooms *Should* Serve Alchohol... [24 Mar 2007|11:30am]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm c&p'ing this from my personal journal.
For ease of referrence:
Nichole: An IRL friend that was stayig with us for a week
Nola and Katie: My roommate's mother and HER roommate
Tony: My husband

My mother once told me that you never really feel pain until you are experiencing it through one of your children. She was so right.

Morgan's first major Boo-BooCollapse )

Oy. I seriously coulda used a drink. Momma's don't get novacain for their hearts, lol.

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poll for anyone still out there! [18 Mar 2007|10:13am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

does your toddler sleep all night in their own bed?

most of the time

my toddler...

puts him/herself to sleep, I just say goodnight
needs me to stay in the room but will go to sleep on their own
needs help to get to sleep eg. patting/cuddles etc
needs another source to help them to sleep eg. pacifier/special blanket etc
other (please comment)

do they still have a daytime nap?

every now and then

where do they mostly sleep?

in bed with me
in their own bed in my room
in their own bed in their own room
in their own bed in a room with a sibling or someone else
other (please comment)

about how many hours a night do they sleep?

less than 8
8 or 9
10 or 11
more than 12
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[13 Mar 2007|09:15pm]

Oh man.

So last week, my sister and I went on a girls-only vacation to Vegas. She left her two girls with our cousin and since my hubby would be working nights and, essentially, sitter-less, we left Arianna with his parents for a week. (They live three hours away, so it was easier to do a whole week than just three days here or there.)

Since Ari came home on Saturday, we have been dealing with the "I was spoiled for a week by Grandma and Grandpa" tantrums.

We'd gotten back to a reasonable bedtime schedule. She might scream for about ten minutes, but then she'd crawl into bed and go to sleep. Now, we're back to the full on freak out.

*sanity, please?*
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[10 Mar 2007|11:07pm]


Does anyone have a good idea of how to get permanent marker off of a white wall? I already tried Goo Gone, but it didn't work for the marker - got the crayon off really well, but it just faded the marker and didn't take it completely away.

I've also got permanent marker on the fridge and an end table, the end table has a light finish that I don't want to destroy. Any ideas?

And yes, what the fudge was my husband thinking, leaving a black Sharpie lying around a 2-year old?!
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[29 Jan 2007|03:34pm]

Here's one of the most recent pics of Aiyana that we have on the computer (from 11/21/06):

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[28 Jan 2007|09:35pm]

A recent picture and an update.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Over the weekend, Ari started taking incredible strides towards potty training. While she had spent the last week with her grandparents, they'd mentioned that she went on the big potty at least twice. So we stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up one of those Dora soft potty seats and a stepstool. She's never shown too much interest in her actual potty chair, aside from sitting on it naked, pretending to read Time.

Before bed tonight, she ran to the bathroom saying, "Have to go pee, Mommy!" She got out of her diaper, climbed up on the seat and sure enough, there she went. We checked the diaper she'd had on for at least an hour and a half and found it dry. She'd actually gone to the bathroom when she had to, instead of going in her diaper!

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[17 Dec 2006|10:38pm]

Has anyone taken their 2-year-old to a movie yet? We want to take Arianna to see Charlotte's Web on Christmas, but I'm looking for tips or pointers that some of you might have. Ari's never been to a movie in a theater before. I think she'll do okay, since we're looking at going to an early matinee, around 1pm or so. Maybe a little earlier, depending on the showtimes available. I figure that way, with the time of day and the movie we're seeing, there will be other parents and other kids...so we won't be "those people" with the kid that has to be carted out halfway through.

Any tips/thoughts/suggestions?
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happy halloween! [01 Nov 2006|11:32pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

by the end of the night joshka had a piece of candy clutched in each hand and a bucketfull as well. his favorite part was picking out his own treats. he'd say "hi" and "cank you" and "see you morrow"(to complete strangers i might add...yay for that). of course, it was cold and he started getting cranky so we called it a night after hitting the hospital and about 2 neighborhoods. can't wait til next year so his sister can help him eat all this candy instead of his mommy!
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Sleep Book [27 Oct 2006|01:21pm]

I'm currently 25 pages into Sleep Solutions for your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler by Ann Douglas and I have said, "YES" and "YOU UNDERSTAND" at least 25 times so far.

Worth it already just for that.
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poo! [25 Oct 2006|09:13am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm so excited! Tristan refused to get changed when he got up this morning. Then he refused a nappy, once his night-time nappy was off. I said, "Do you want to go to the potty instead?" and he said he did. He didn't want to sit on the potty, though, he wanted to sit on the toilet. I sat him there, and we agreed it was too big for him, so I promised to get him a seat that he can sit on, and make it the right size. Then I put him on the potty. We sat there for a little while, but he didn't do anything, despite his morning nappy being quite dry, so we got up. As soon as we were in the lounge room, before I could get a nappy onto him, he made some noises and went into the corner and did a big wee. I said, "Oh, that's what we normally put into the potty, isn't it? There's wee coming out of your penis!" And cleaned up.

He still refused his nappy, so I got one of the pull-ups for him, which have Buzz Lightyear and Woody (Toy Story) on them... and they are his absolute FAVOURITE, so he was happy with that. I told him after breakfast we'd go to the potty and he could try doing a poo. So that's what we did. I gave him the light-toy Uncle Guy gave him, and he sat, and sat, and sat. I was thinking of my half finished breakfast going soggy on the table, and getting very sick of the bloody toy's noises!

Anyway, I didn't want to make him get up, so I repeated to myself: patience, patience, patience. I'm not a great one for that particular attribute, so I do need to remind myself occasionally. Well, suddenly I noticed his posture change and he put down the light toy. He leaned forward, and I could see he was doing a poo! I was SO excited! Much more so that I expected to be. But I didn't make a huge fuss, just said, "Well done! Soon you won't need nappies any more!"

The whole process took FOREVER, and, of course, involved cleaning the potty, which is annoying. But we'll go and get a step-ladder potty seat today, hopefully, and he can go straight in the toilet next time. That would make it so much simpler.

And to think, I didn't think he was quite ready yet! He's obviously decided this is important, and he wants to do it. Possibly the older girl at daycare helped influence him, since she uses the big toilet. w00t!

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Child Development [22 Oct 2006|07:42pm]

[ mood | tired ]

My doctor's office hands out these development sheets for parents to fill out about their kids. I thought it was interesting and had scanned it for a friend, so I thought I'd post it here too so people can have a look if they're interested too. This one is for children 2-4 years old.

two large picturesCollapse )

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Introduction. :) [10 Oct 2006|08:45pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the community. :)

My name is Jer and I'm a mom of two, a two and a half year old and a two year old. My plain ol' two year old is the August 04 babe, and that's my daughter Liliana Raye. :) My two and a half year old is my son Christopher, whom we began the process of adopting when I was 7 months pregnant. They're like 4 months and 28 days apart, but hey, who's counting. :)

I look forward to sharing pictures and stories with you guys! :)


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[03 Oct 2006|10:44pm]

I just got really, really freaked out by the fact that I'm about to have a baby in a matter of days. (Or hours. Whatever she wants.) Holy crap! Like it's been an abstract concept and now suddenly in my head it's a reality. I'm going to be outnumbered soon. To quote the great Ted "Theodore" Logan...WOAH.

WTF was I thinking??
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[03 Oct 2006|09:24pm]

Tales From A Daycare

So, last week Kate (survivinglove) and Ihor were in for our (my and Kate's) ten year high school reunion. They were over at our place visiting and at one point, Kate asked Drake "so what did you do at school today, Drake?"
Drake replies: "I hit Matthew."

So, since then, Drake has hit Matthew again (in the head, with a truck) and today, he spit at Matthew.

Word on the street (IE, from Drake's teacher) is that Matthew is a bit of a pushy bully (insomuch as a two year can be a pushy bully, that is) and she sometimes silently applauds the other kids for not letting themselves be pushed around. Except my son has apparently decided to go on the offensive and make it clear that he will brook no monkey business.

At least I don't have to worry about my kid being able to take care of himself. But how do I stop my two year old from hitting and spitting at other kids?? Or, apparently, one kid in particular?
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