...furiously floating (strryeyedgrrl) wrote in august2004,
...furiously floating

In response to kinkiness's post calling us all out for not posting recently, here I go.

First, a photo.


Kind of a crummy cell phone photo, but it's super recent and I think it's mega-cute. There's my six-year-old, modeling her new coat.

Let's see, what's going on on our front? We're busy with school and Girl Scouts, mostly. DH just started work after a period of unemployment, so we're also back to the daycare grind. We just got over our first battle with lice, which was OMG ANNOYING. No bugs, just nits, but still aggravating and ICK.

Ari is a brilliant kid - intelligent, witty and knock-your-socks off insightful sometimes. She's such a tremendous mix of me and DH that it blows me away at times...and, at other times, annoys the bejeebus out of me.

How's everyone else and their August 2004 babies?
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