Loobielou (lavendersblue) wrote in august2004,

Connor (Mr Boo)

Well this is Connor :)  & nearly 4.5 years later he's still amazing me everyday.  He's at school now and loving it as he's learning to read and write and all the fun stuff :)  Granted there's also the downsides like his incessant flare ups of absolute rage but we're working on it.  he's a beautiful, hilarious clever little boy who I couldn't be prouder of.  he's the best son and the best big brother, ever! :p

p.s I was scarlet_talula and before that eliza_mittens 

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Awww, he's so big! What pretty blue eyes. Is that his little sister? I love his hat and scarf by the way.
aww thankyou :) yes that's his little sister (she's 2.5)