...furiously floating (strryeyedgrrl) wrote in august2004,
...furiously floating

Hi Mamas!

Just wondering if anyone else's kids are really showing that they're in that period of life where they begin to gather their own ideas on gender identity?

More and more lately, Ari will point out something and say, "That's for boys," in kind of a negative way. We were at Target last night in the clothing section looking for some summer clothes when we passed some boy clothing.

"That stuff's for boys, Mom," she said. "Blue is for BOYS."
"Really?" I asked her. "Aren't you wearing blue jeans?"

That threw her for a loop. Heh.

Later, we were in the toy department and we moved from the Barbies to the Transformers. Again, it came out.

"Mom, these are BOY toys, I don't want to look at them."
"Really?" I asked. I pointed to one on the shelf. "But I thought you liked these."
Ari looked where I was pointing and her eyes lit up. "Mom, that's Optimus Prime! He's the best! Can we get it? Do they have Bumblebee?"

All I could do was smile, honestly.

I mean, I think I'm handling it in stride. It just strikes me that all of a sudden, she's labeling toys and clothes and colors this way. I know she could be picking up some of this from daycare as well, but I think it's the right age anyhow.

Anyone else coming across this?
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