bettybites (bettybites) wrote in august2004,

I can't believe I'm asking advice on a skinned knee, but Oscar has a really bad one. It happened the day before yesterday and I've been covering it and using first-aid cream on it. This morning I took the bandage off and it has what looks to be a soft thick layer of yellow pus. Super gross.

Do you think I need to let it stay exposed to air for awhile to dry it out? Or should I keep it covered? I want to keep it covered, just because I don't want him to get dirt or anything in it. Not to mention the thought of him kneeling on it gives me the freaks. But then I've always been under the impression that letting a wound like this dry out a little is good too.

I wouldn't even ask, but I'm not familiar with pussy skinned knees.

*crossposted* since it's Sunday and nobody is on LJ. ;)
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