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babies, babies, watch them grow... [entries|friends|calendar]
August 2004 Babies

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Here soon we will have 13 year olds! [30 Jul 2017|01:13am]

I'm trying to revive my livejournal and groups I'm in. Facebook has killed it, but I won't give up!

Ava will turn 13 on August 29th. This summer she has turned into a teen! Legs, boobs, and hips. She does her nails, and worries about hairy legs lol. It's gone by in a blink. I remember sharing pics with you ladies about her first tooth, steps, her life...

She is going into the 7th grade, plays soccer, loves watching you tube videos, and spending her summer going to bible school and playing at various pools. She is also the best big sister ever to her little brother Charlie who is 3 1/2. I guess I need a February 2014 group for him!
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We have almost 9 year olds ladies!! [27 May 2013|02:35am]

I realize a lot of people myself included don't come to lj often, but if you see this post a then and now pic for me! :)


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[06 Feb 2011|09:56pm]

In response to kinkiness's post calling us all out for not posting recently, here I go.

First, a photo.


Kind of a crummy cell phone photo, but it's super recent and I think it's mega-cute. There's my six-year-old, modeling her new coat.

Let's see, what's going on on our front? We're busy with school and Girl Scouts, mostly. DH just started work after a period of unemployment, so we're also back to the daycare grind. We just got over our first battle with lice, which was OMG ANNOYING. No bugs, just nits, but still aggravating and ICK.

Ari is a brilliant kid - intelligent, witty and knock-your-socks off insightful sometimes. She's such a tremendous mix of me and DH that it blows me away at times...and, at other times, annoys the bejeebus out of me.

How's everyone else and their August 2004 babies?
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[05 Feb 2011|01:33pm]

Anyone still out there?

We need some updates! It's been almost a year since anyone has posted here. D:
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[15 Apr 2010|08:23am]

First of all, my kid's a Girl Scout! How 'bout that?! (For that matter, I'm a freaking Troop Leader. WTH?!)


Second, is anyone else here friends with outsidetherain (originally renaet)? I met her in this community and have had her on my friends list since we were preggies with our August 2004 babies. All of a sudden, she's gone! If you do know her, is everything okay?
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Connor (Mr Boo) [19 Feb 2009|08:15am]


Well this is Connor :)  & nearly 4.5 years later he's still amazing me everyday.  He's at school now and loving it as he's learning to read and write and all the fun stuff :)  Granted there's also the downsides like his incessant flare ups of absolute rage but we're working on it.  he's a beautiful, hilarious clever little boy who I couldn't be prouder of.  he's the best son and the best big brother, ever! :p

p.s I was scarlet_talula and before that eliza_mittens 

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Following the trend! [18 Feb 2009|08:04pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This one is pretty recent...I took it this past week.  We are getting ready to move and if you peek a the ceiling above her head, you can see one of the many reasons why!

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[17 Feb 2009|09:00pm]

Following tonya's lead, here's a couple pics of Arianna these days.


Being a goofy bugger after her first real-big-deal haircut. A week later, she cut the bangs off herself. *headdesk*

...a few more under here...Collapse )
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[11 Nov 2008|07:53am]

So Aiyana had her first day of early childhood yesterday and was picked up by a bus. There was a substitute bus driver that dropped her off and she ran into an issue. There was a group of 4 kids that are dropped off together before Aiyana. Aiyana wanted to get off the bus with them and the bus driver was asking each kid who they were. When she was trying to ask Aiyana her name all she would say is "call me honey". We do use her real name with her and she can say her name, but she thinks her name is honey because Brandyn's parents use it as a nickname. Anyone have any tips on how to get her to tell people her actual name?
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A day late... [22 Aug 2008|09:46pm]

but Happy 4th birthday to Aiyana! We're having her party today, as she is coming back from being with my dad and step mom since last Saturday. Here's a pic of her at the lake with their dogs.

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Starting School [07 Jul 2008|12:31am]

[ mood | curious ]

I've been debating what to do with Josh and school since his August birthday qualifies him for Kindergarten in Fall '09, but he'd be really young so he could also be held back until Fall '10. Just wondering what other moms of August 2004 babies are planning...

Poll #1219024 School

Are you sending your child to a 4-year-old preschool this fall?

Other (in comments)

What year do you plan to send your child to Kindergarten?

Fall 2009
Fall 2010
Other (in comments)
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I'm wondering... [24 Jun 2008|03:43pm]

What are the favorite toys or arts and crafts type things your ALMOST (OMG) four year old likes or LOVES? I'm looking to put together birthay ideas now b/c I can never think of anything when asked.

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Randomness [09 May 2008|08:47am]

[ mood | awake ]

Day #2 of Abigail being in a fabulous mood.  She and Morgan are playing together right now and it's adorable.  Morgan likes to bend over and stick her butt in Abigail's face.  Of course Abby is too young to see why this is funny but she laughs and jabbers and squeals with delight when she sees Morgan's face between her own  legs.  She thinks that's hilarious. 

Speaking of Morgan, I wanted to record something:  Ever since she was about a year old, she has this little ritual she does that lets me know she's actually finally settling for sleep.  She plays with her eyelashes.  It's almost always her left eye, too.  She closes her eyes, just about all the way, and runs her finger back and forth across them.  Even now, at nearly four, she does this just as she's drifting off to sleep.  It's really adorable. 

I got to thinking about it and realized that both of my kids have their "settling" routines but it varies for them both.  I was thinking about Abigail's sleep needs and I realized that I really am a dunce for not catching on to her "leave me alone" needs earlier.  She has always slept better by herself.  When she was a newborn, she slept in her carseat and in fact, I used to comment how she'd do that without being held!  Her sleep settle routine involves getting comfortable.  When I put her down, now, I rarely wait till she's fully asleep because *everything* distracts her and bothers her.  The slightest twitches from me, her sister walking across the room, a cat meowing.  It frustrates her and frustrates me trying to wait until she's asleep to put her down.  Abigail has really taught me the important of truly responding to my child's needs, rather than following some parenting label's recipes for "good parenting". 

So anyway, I put her down in her crib and she scuttles around until she's got her but slightly raised, chest on the bed and her head to the side.  She nearly always stops fussing before I leave the room, now and is nearly always asleep, even at naptime, after about five minutes.  Occasionally, it takes longer during naps because, as I said, every little thing rouses her.  She's a very light sleeper.  To wake her in the morning (on the rare occasions I need to) all I have to do is touch her little bottom.  She pops right awake.

What are your kid's sleep routines?

x-posted to Abbys' month community

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[29 Apr 2008|10:00am]

Hi Mamas!

Just wondering if anyone else's kids are really showing that they're in that period of life where they begin to gather their own ideas on gender identity?

More and more lately, Ari will point out something and say, "That's for boys," in kind of a negative way. We were at Target last night in the clothing section looking for some summer clothes when we passed some boy clothing.

"That stuff's for boys, Mom," she said. "Blue is for BOYS."
"Really?" I asked her. "Aren't you wearing blue jeans?"

That threw her for a loop. Heh.

Later, we were in the toy department and we moved from the Barbies to the Transformers. Again, it came out.

"Mom, these are BOY toys, I don't want to look at them."
"Really?" I asked. I pointed to one on the shelf. "But I thought you liked these."
Ari looked where I was pointing and her eyes lit up. "Mom, that's Optimus Prime! He's the best! Can we get it? Do they have Bumblebee?"

All I could do was smile, honestly.

I mean, I think I'm handling it in stride. It just strikes me that all of a sudden, she's labeling toys and clothes and colors this way. I know she could be picking up some of this from daycare as well, but I think it's the right age anyhow.

Anyone else coming across this?
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[10 Apr 2008|09:19pm]

Following the lead of bettybites, I thought I would post to say hello and see how everyone is doing. How's preschool and potty training and oh-mi-god-why-is-my-nail-polish-all-over-the-cat?! (No, really, we just had this situation. After the explosion of powdered sugar that prompted my husband to call me to say, "Honey, it looks like Scarface in here.")

Oh yeah, and to post some pics of Arianna, of course. :)


One of my favorites - Arianna with her Great-Uncle Dean. Yes, we're in a cemetary. :)

...more Ari goodness here...Collapse )
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[08 Apr 2008|05:03pm]

Long time no updates, y'all! How is everyone? Here are some pics of Oscar that we took at the park the other day. It's his first time at the park this Spring. It's finally warming up in Minnesota!

Pic HeavyCollapse )
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Naps [20 Sep 2007|12:47am]

Are your three year olds breaking free of the naptime rituals yet? Just asking, my husband usually gives the boys nap time that lasts for almost two hours and while my one year old seems to benefit from it, my three year old seems harder to get into bed at night. I don't force sleep on them, but I encourage them by reading and singing,etc. Well, today I skipped the nap with three year old and he went to sleep by himself at 8 pm compared to 10-11 pm usually. So, what's the consensus on preschool naptime?
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[12 Aug 2007|02:24pm]

I can't believe I'm asking advice on a skinned knee, but Oscar has a really bad one. It happened the day before yesterday and I've been covering it and using first-aid cream on it. This morning I took the bandage off and it has what looks to be a soft thick layer of yellow pus. Super gross.

Do you think I need to let it stay exposed to air for awhile to dry it out? Or should I keep it covered? I want to keep it covered, just because I don't want him to get dirt or anything in it. Not to mention the thought of him kneeling on it gives me the freaks. But then I've always been under the impression that letting a wound like this dry out a little is good too.

I wouldn't even ask, but I'm not familiar with pussy skinned knees.

*crossposted* since it's Sunday and nobody is on LJ. ;)
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[01 Aug 2007|09:22pm]

Fellow Moms!

Fisher-Price recalls a million lead-tainted toys.

Mattel's Consumer Relations Website, where you can view the recalled toys and take action.

I do not have any of the toys listed, but I've noticed they've added more since earlier today when I first saw this, so I'll be checking back.

Cross-posted in a bunch of places. Sorry if you've seen this already!
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3 year check up [01 Aug 2007|04:07pm]

Has anyone had their 3 year check ups yet?  I'm wondering if there are typically shots involved.  I want to schedule it on DD's bday since hubby is off that day and I need to take my 2 mo old for her check up the same day.  

But I don't want her to get shots on her bday haha!!!  Though she LOVES going there, she'd think it was fun anyway lol.
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