Here soon we will have 13 year olds!

I'm trying to revive my livejournal and groups I'm in. Facebook has killed it, but I won't give up!

Ava will turn 13 on August 29th. This summer she has turned into a teen! Legs, boobs, and hips. She does her nails, and worries about hairy legs lol. It's gone by in a blink. I remember sharing pics with you ladies about her first tooth, steps, her life...

She is going into the 7th grade, plays soccer, loves watching you tube videos, and spending her summer going to bible school and playing at various pools. She is also the best big sister ever to her little brother Charlie who is 3 1/2. I guess I need a February 2014 group for him!

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In response to kinkiness's post calling us all out for not posting recently, here I go.

First, a photo.


Kind of a crummy cell phone photo, but it's super recent and I think it's mega-cute. There's my six-year-old, modeling her new coat.

Let's see, what's going on on our front? We're busy with school and Girl Scouts, mostly. DH just started work after a period of unemployment, so we're also back to the daycare grind. We just got over our first battle with lice, which was OMG ANNOYING. No bugs, just nits, but still aggravating and ICK.

Ari is a brilliant kid - intelligent, witty and knock-your-socks off insightful sometimes. She's such a tremendous mix of me and DH that it blows me away at times...and, at other times, annoys the bejeebus out of me.

How's everyone else and their August 2004 babies?

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First of all, my kid's a Girl Scout! How 'bout that?! (For that matter, I'm a freaking Troop Leader. WTH?!)


Second, is anyone else here friends with outsidetherain (originally renaet)? I met her in this community and have had her on my friends list since we were preggies with our August 2004 babies. All of a sudden, she's gone! If you do know her, is everything okay?
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Connor (Mr Boo)

Well this is Connor :)  & nearly 4.5 years later he's still amazing me everyday.  He's at school now and loving it as he's learning to read and write and all the fun stuff :)  Granted there's also the downsides like his incessant flare ups of absolute rage but we're working on it.  he's a beautiful, hilarious clever little boy who I couldn't be prouder of.  he's the best son and the best big brother, ever! :p

p.s I was scarlet_talula and before that eliza_mittens 

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So Aiyana had her first day of early childhood yesterday and was picked up by a bus. There was a substitute bus driver that dropped her off and she ran into an issue. There was a group of 4 kids that are dropped off together before Aiyana. Aiyana wanted to get off the bus with them and the bus driver was asking each kid who they were. When she was trying to ask Aiyana her name all she would say is "call me honey". We do use her real name with her and she can say her name, but she thinks her name is honey because Brandyn's parents use it as a nickname. Anyone have any tips on how to get her to tell people her actual name?
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A day late...

but Happy 4th birthday to Aiyana! We're having her party today, as she is coming back from being with my dad and step mom since last Saturday. Here's a pic of her at the lake with their dogs.