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Starting School

I've been debating what to do with Josh and school since his August birthday qualifies him for Kindergarten in Fall '09, but he'd be really young so he could also be held back until Fall '10. Just wondering what other moms of August 2004 babies are planning...

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Are you sending your child to a 4-year-old preschool this fall?

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What year do you plan to send your child to Kindergarten?

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We are doing sorta homeschooling "on the side" with workbooks, writing her letters, numbers, and names/words. She is starting to read even!

What have you decided? I know you were thinking of homeschooling before... I don't have the patience for that plus for my child...she NEEDS the socialization.
I'm not going to homeschool, I'm pretty certain of that. Josh needs the socialization and I don't live in an area where it would be easy to do homeschooling socialization.

We were going to send him to preschool this fall and see how he did, then decide on kindergarten. BUT there are a few different reasons that are making me think about letting him be a kid for another year and sending him to preschool next fall and kindergarten in '10. He just seems way too young to be starting school right now.
I think preschool would be a definite help then. If you send him, you can see how he does. AND it will definitely help prep him for kindergarten if that is the path you want to take. Just my .02 :)
I agree, but there's one major problem. Josh's fear. He literally freaks out sometimes when I leave him with even his grandparents that he's very familiar with. When we go to playgroups, he won't leave my side and play much with the other kids. I can see myself taking him there and having to peel him off of my leg and leave with him screaming in terror, seriously. I just don't think it would be fair to do that to him right now.

Plus he's still way behind communication-wise, and way behind socially. He barely even cares about drawing or writing his letters/numbers. He KNOWS all of his letters and numbers, though. And he's starting to tell time.

I just think with his many MANY delays we'd be better off holding back a year. I'd rather he started kindergarten a year later than having to repeat kindergarten because he wasn't ready.

Not all of us have genius kids like you, LOL! ;)
Wow I didn't realize he was doing that. I wouldn't want to force my kid to do something they didn't want to either. Are you consistently doing playgroups and offering social situations? Can you sign him up for some park district activity to get him out there more? There are so many fun things!

Maybe you could do preschool (or try it) and then if he is still behind then do pre-s again? Have you talked to a preschool to see what they think and can offer to help with? I know with Isa's temperament and sensitivites they are working with me on that for the fall.
I'm doing as much as I can in the rural area I live in. He is improving, and will play with other kids as long as I'm nearby. And he lets me leave him with his speech therapist, but he's very familiar with that.

I considered the preschool, then preschool again if they don't think he's ready for kindergarten, but I still can't find a way around the leaving him when he's scared thing.

We have a playgroup at the school on Friday and I intend to talk to the group leader there and see what she thinks about the whole thing. I really think he would benefit from preschool and would like it, it's just a matter of how to get him comfortable with the whole thing, ya know?
Yeah I think its the scared thing that is probably the first thing to try and overcome. I mean, if you can't get him to school it doesn't matter if he is ready or not! If he goes to the speech therapist since he is familiar with him then maybe they can work it out at school, KWIM? Most likely they have come across another kid with similar circumstances. I'm not pushing school here lol, just throwing out ideas.

I think you have a great plan! Keep us updated :)


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We are trying to decide what we are going to do with Oscar too.
Josh and Oscar have been very similar all along with different skills. I just feel like Josh isn't quite where I want him to be at this point and I fear putting him in school too early and him having to repeat a grade at some point. I'm leaning toward letting him be a little kid one more year and build up some more skills, then sending him.
Since Kira is already in daycare, we just made sure it's a preschool/daycare. We plan on sending her to school in 2009 mostly because we can't afford another year of daycare just to hold her back. Horrible reason, I know, but it's the truth. The other reason is because she seems to be on track to start and I think she'll fit in just fine with slightly older kids. My brother, sister and I all were summer babies and the youngest in our classes and we did fine for the most part (esp my sister and I). So that's my reasoning, personally.
I was a summer baby too and had no problems. My brother was born in Nov and was REALLY the youngest and did well too. Good reasoning I'm adding that to my list too!
I think it all depends on the kid, and with Josh he's already so behind it would be just another thing against him.

We could always do preschool and then decide if he needs another year of preschool or is ready for kindergarten. But then I go back to how terrified he'll be if I try to leave him there that first day, and probably many more days after.
It definitely depens on the kid! But many people are asking me too what I'm doing so this just adds to my list of "whys".
Kira is probably at least a year ahead of Josh in a lot of skills, so I can see her being just fine in school. I've heard boys are generally a bit slower than girls. My mom started school at 4 and did alright, but my grandma wishes she would have held my uncle back a year. He had a November birthday.
Yeah, my brother could have used being older instead of younger in his school too. I think it's probably wise to not start Josh in kindergarten right away, though he would probably a relaxed preschool (not SCHOOL school but like a play school) and making some friends. And learning new annoying habits from the other children there as Kira has done... :/
I think preschool would be great for him, and I honestly really WANT to do it this year, but I'm sure he would be terrified if I dropped him off and left. He doesn't do well with me being out of his sight, and it will be all new and it makes me physically sick just thinking about doing that to him.
I can understand that. Maybe the preschool would let you come for a few days and see how he does. I know ours does. Parents can hang around in the classroom, then leave and watch the class on a video monitor from the lobby. I've seen parents of new kids do it all the time for a week or more before they and the kids are comfortable. There might be so much to do and see that he would forget to miss you for a while.

Kira used to tell me she missed me so much when I came to pick her up, and that she was sad all day from missing me and had no fun. Her teacher reports and my observations showed differently. She was very happy until she saw me for pick up time, and then she remembered how much she missed me... :P

Good luck. I hope you can get something figured out.
Yeah, I'll have to look into that.

It's $155 a quarter, and I'm sorta afraid I'll be out that money if he fights against going after a session or two.


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Eddie's starting next fall and we can't wait. Public school is FREE!

(He's been in day care since he was 1, so it's not a big change)
I put other for the preschool part because Arianna is in a daycare/preschool right now. She gets the social aspect, plus they learn about numbers, letters, colors, etc.

And I'm going with a couple other moms here - the cost savings alone is worth it to us, plus Ari seems on track to start off kindergarten on the right foot. She'll also be going to the same elementary school I went to, which is where my mother still works in the library. So it's a good fit all around.
Although we haven't enrolled her yet, we're planning to send Rhianne to preschool in the fall...for the first time. She's been home with me her entire life and although she does well with other children she's very shy around adults she's not familiar I'm just not certain how it's going to go. I do think it's in her best interest though, certainly, so we're going to give it a try.

Whether or not we sent her to kindergarten in '09 is really dependent on how she does in Pre-K. I *think* she'll be fine - I do feel she's a just a little 'behind' communication wise due to her issues with ear infections (she had tubes put in last year and since then things have improved greatly, thank goodness) but she's really on-par academically and ahead of the game in many other areas so she should be ok. If not, we'll wait another year.
Our school year is different from yours. Tristan will start in February '09. I think it's about right, because he's been keen to go for a while.

Most kids I know of his age around here have been going to 3 year old kinder since February! I decided he wasn't ready, and didn't put him down. You wouldn't believe how often people make excuses for me for not sending him! "Oh, he probably gets the socialisation from daycare. Doesn't he have a kinder programme at daycare?" no, it's family daycare. "Oh."
Sofia is going to the VPK (pre-k) program they have at the school that I teach at. Then she's going to Kindergarten on time. Sofia is at school for the socialization to not just play with the same kids all the time, to see other kids.

I can tell you that I teach Tk-1, This is a program they have here for the kids from kindergarten that wouldn't benefit from another year in K but aren't ready for first grade. Specific reasons do not deal with academics at all, its all developmental, including the social aspect. Boys are developmentally 'slower' than girls are in that girls mature faster around this age, so my class consists of mainly boys.

I would say depending on your son's developmental age is what you should do with him concerning school. :)
I should have put other on the preschool. She isn't going to a public pre-school. In our area you have to be active military, make a certain amount of money, homeless, or behind on learning. We don't qualify, but that's okay because I already have Lu in a daycare that has a pre-K setting. She was in pre-school there and in August she will be moved to the Pre-K class. We will start Kinder in 2009, I think she will be fine.
Aiyana went to an early childhood program this past school year, and she'll be going to another starting in November. The one she went to was 3 other kids and she did well, getting more vocal which was the concern.