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Day #2 of Abigail being in a fabulous mood.  She and Morgan are playing together right now and it's adorable.  Morgan likes to bend over and stick her butt in Abigail's face.  Of course Abby is too young to see why this is funny but she laughs and jabbers and squeals with delight when she sees Morgan's face between her own  legs.  She thinks that's hilarious. 

Speaking of Morgan, I wanted to record something:  Ever since she was about a year old, she has this little ritual she does that lets me know she's actually finally settling for sleep.  She plays with her eyelashes.  It's almost always her left eye, too.  She closes her eyes, just about all the way, and runs her finger back and forth across them.  Even now, at nearly four, she does this just as she's drifting off to sleep.  It's really adorable. 

I got to thinking about it and realized that both of my kids have their "settling" routines but it varies for them both.  I was thinking about Abigail's sleep needs and I realized that I really am a dunce for not catching on to her "leave me alone" needs earlier.  She has always slept better by herself.  When she was a newborn, she slept in her carseat and in fact, I used to comment how she'd do that without being held!  Her sleep settle routine involves getting comfortable.  When I put her down, now, I rarely wait till she's fully asleep because *everything* distracts her and bothers her.  The slightest twitches from me, her sister walking across the room, a cat meowing.  It frustrates her and frustrates me trying to wait until she's asleep to put her down.  Abigail has really taught me the important of truly responding to my child's needs, rather than following some parenting label's recipes for "good parenting". 

So anyway, I put her down in her crib and she scuttles around until she's got her but slightly raised, chest on the bed and her head to the side.  She nearly always stops fussing before I leave the room, now and is nearly always asleep, even at naptime, after about five minutes.  Occasionally, it takes longer during naps because, as I said, every little thing rouses her.  She's a very light sleeper.  To wake her in the morning (on the rare occasions I need to) all I have to do is touch her little bottom.  She pops right awake.

What are your kid's sleep routines?

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